Feeling conflicted when you’re considering whether to take on freelancing full-time is inevitable.

Getting started on freelancing is no easy feat.  There will be many things that can either be within your control such as providing services to multiple clients while being free and in charge of negotiating your terms and benefits.

However with every benefit comes with a possible negative loss to balance out.  You see, when you are a full-time employee, you are hired to perform one activity which will involve with others that are not specifically related to the job’s functions but you will be getting paid based on your salary and not the value of your service but you will be secured with a job and would not have to look for a next job opportunity or business deal.

On the other hand, being a freelancer, you will be hired to perform one activity will contractually you are not required to work on other work that is not defined in the contract unless you’re doing it out of goodwill.

You will be deemed as a master of a specific skill while knowing roughly a little bit of everything else, akin to being a Jack of all trades. However despite the flexibility of being a freelancer, do remember that you will stop getting paid once your current contract ends, so you have to always be ready and clinch your next deal.

This is where you can start out your own freelancing business and end up being successful


After graduation, you can either use your past school projects to kick start your portfolio and offer your services to friends and family to slowly build it up.

Having to build up your resume or portfolio may take up a fraction of your time while being either unpaid or underpaid for the hard earned experience.

You should also do up some research on whether or not there are special certifications or titles held by professionals in your field of work.

Quoting your affordability:

After building up your personal portfolio, this is where you start planning on how much your services should cost for your potential clients and business partners.

You should decide how much you are worth by the hour. Doing some research online can also give you a good rough estimation of what would be considered a reasonable and fair quote. It is important to note that you should adjust your prices according to your client’s needs.

For example, if you’re offering your design work for editing or logo-creating for a project, you could start out by either quoting a range from $50-$500 or even more depending on how big the project is and how time-consuming it will be on your part to get the job done.

If you are performing web designing for a client’s online business, you could quote up to $1000 or more to get everything done and ready for them.


It is important that you develop and form good relationships with your clients. In the long run, they may either return for your services or spread word of mouth for recommending your services to either their friends or family that are looking for what you offer.

It’s ideal to keep your clients updated on the project that they issued frequently with updates on your progress. Responding to e-mails and phones call should be on daily if not regular basis. Remember to send them a draft for them to have a rough idea and quick look of what the final product will turn out to be and lastly, be prepared to edit your work in case of something lacking or something added in excess.

After the job is done and your client is happy, word of mouth can be very useful as your completed work is also a way of branding yourself and putting yourself out there. Letting everyone know your body of work and your capabilities is also a way of marketing yourself and your services.  Another option is customer’s testimonials. It is great way for others to review on your services from your past work before deciding on whether you are what they need.

Personal Marketing:

With strong competition among businesses, you must be able stand out and differentiate yourself from others to attract potential deals to your services. Making others gain awareness about you and your services will do yourself good in the long run.

But how do you start?

You’ll definitely need the basic skills of designing to set up a website for others to find out more about your services. Not only would potential clients be able to find out more about your services, you could also put up your past deals and portfolio for them to refer to. After designing and setting up a website, you’ve got to spread the word.

This is where social media marketing comes in place.

Social media is not only a place for everyone to catch up on social interaction from their old friends, it is a great way to market yourself and create awareness for your freelance business.

How many times have you seen the same advertisement while you are scrolling through your personal own social media site? How many times have you watched an advertisement while waiting for your video to buffer and load?

Despite the appearance of minimal effort, these advertisements would still leave an impression on the viewers if it is unique or something out of the ordinary. This is where you as a new freelancer have to take charge of your own well-being by picking up these essential skills to build up your own career.

At Skills Global Academy, we offer all the courses you need to help expand your freelance business.

Not only can you pick up a skill which you can start monetizing in just 1 day, all the courses are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit. It simply means that there is no cash upfront. Just submit an online claim through the SkillsFuture Credit Portal to redeem your credits or by offsetting a subsidy with your remaining credits.

Three courses that will help you with your personal branding would be, the Adobe Illustrator course, Building a WordPress website course and lastly the Facebook Marketing course.

The Adobe Illustrator course will leave you with the knowledge of customizing objects and basic shapes, creating sophisticated artwork at your fingertips, creating basic shapes, custom paths and graphics containing custom text and lastly preparing documents for deployment.

The Building a WordPress website course will not only save you thousands of dollars from having to hire a web developer, it will teach you how to create, design, customize and have a fully functional website within one day. This one full-day hands-on workshop on website building will leave you with the technical skills and knowledge of being able to be in full control of what you want on your website and how you want it to be portrayed as.

Lastly, the Facebook Marketing course is going to help build up your brand and fan base. Upon the completion you will learn how to design and execute effective Facebook Marketing Campaigns and learn about online growth and sales.