Importance of Self-Upgrading

You should always keep in mind to always do self-upgrading in your fulfilling careers. However, many would seem to just forgo the idea of self-upgrading. There are many reasons to why majority of people would not consider self-upgrading during their careers.

Number 1: Time

Yes, I know time is gold / important to all of us. However, many do not want to take the extra effort of micro-managing themselves. I bet you can squeeze in a bit of time in your busy schedules to plan for a one day skills course to improve on yourself.

Number 2: Complacency

Sighting reasons like, “I am doing so well in my career now. Why would I even consider thinking of self-upgrading?”

Well you should always think of yourself as a product, a competitive product with features, benefits, assets and liabilities.

Thus, creating a brand for yourself, differentiating yourself against others.

With that, we will be looking at 4 things as to why self-upgrading is important

1. Staying Relevant


Using example from the mobile phones industry, you always see every quarter of the year, every mobile phone company releases something new. A lot of which are very small incremental upgrades yet they release it for the masses. There is always a constant upgrade over the last best product that they have released because they would not want to be left behind in the race to the top.

Like us too, we need to constantly be upgrading ourselves. Equipping with new skills, will make us more knowledgeable. Also, it increases our value as a brand. Many professions will need you to be equipped with the latest trends and many of these professions move in a fast pace. If you do not play “catch-up” to the latest trends, you will definitely lose out to peers who are more updated of the latest trends. You would not want that to happen to you, right?

2. Increase in pay / salary

  1. I will be lying to you if I tell you that I do not care about my salary. We know being satisfied with our jobs is important as well but I believe that both of these (job satisfaction & pay) will always be important factors for every individual to decide whether to stay in the same job or time to pack up those belonging and make yourself feel more worthwhile elsewhere.Sometimes, you are face with difficulties advancing into your career because you lack certain skills set to propel yourself into better positions, which also means better pay. Which in turn, you lose out to your peers. Thus, self-upgrading will allow you to make decisions to get a better paying job.

3.New Job Opportunities

  1. There comes a point in time where you feel stagnant in your career and would want to move forward. Maybe you need a breath of fresh air – a new work environment. Something totally different from your current job.Visualize yourself applying for your dream job, but you do not have the proper skills that the job require. Certainly, it will be difficult for you to secure the job.Now, if you are prepared with the right skills, you can spearhead into getting the job. You will be competing with people like yourself or people who have better experience.
  2. Now what you need to do is
    • Be Yourself
    • Confidence
    • Have good first impression / image

    Remember that alright! You possibly do not want to disappoint yourself and fail to secure your dream job, right?

4. Standing Out From the Crowd

  1. It is definitely more challenging nowadays to secure a job. You will be competing with a lot of people for that same job.Sometimes, you may have the talent but it is difficult being accepted because a lot of companies require formal qualification to be accepted.

    So, why not take one step back and go for formal trainings that will give you a certificate to certify yourselves. With the many skills you acquire, you may offer a unique selling point to companies. This will easily put you ahead of your competition.

So those are the 4 things that you should consider self-upgrading.

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