Leadership and People Management (WSQ)

Grooming Organizational Leaders for Tomorrow (WSQ LPM Diploma)

  • Lead Team Leaders to Develop Business Strategies and Governance Management
  • Facilitate Innovation and Lead Team Leaders to Implement Change
  • Cultivate Workplace Relationships and Diversity
  • Develop Self to Maintain Professional Competence at Managerial Level
  • Monitor and Reward Performance Across Teams to Manage Achievement of Results
  • Develop Team Leaders Through Capability Development and Coaching

The Leadership & People Management (LPM) Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) framework is designed to benchmark corporate leadership capabilities and provide a leadership development roadmap for business leaders.

It enables leaders and managers to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and practices through structured and peer learning. It also allows them to gain formal recognition of their competencies through modularised competency training programmes within a nationally recognised framework.

Individuals with this qualification will be able to apply and contextualise leadership and people management skills and knowledge in a broad range of high-level professional work activities in a wide variety of contexts.

Trainees will acquire a sound understanding of theoretical concepts in leadership, people management and managerial approaches, and will develop a substantial degree of individual accountability and autonomy for self and others within defined boundaries.


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